Best Items to Pawn for Quick Cash

American pawn shops bring in nearly $15 billion in revenue per year. Have you ever wondered how this business has become so successful? While many customers were once suspicious of pawn shops, many use them to get quick cash or get money for things they’re no longer using today.


If you are considering bringing some valuables to the pawn shop, some specific items are in high demand. Let’s look at the best items to pawn for quick cash!


5 Items to Pawn for Quick Cash


If you’re looking for quick cash, consider taking any of the following items to your local pawn shop.




Jewelry is considered to be one of the best items to bring to the pawn shop. You can earn a good amount of money for jewelry that’s in good condition. Many customers go to the local pawn shop to look for jewelry at great prices. Since it’s in such high demand, most pawnbrokers will be happy to get their hands on quality jewelry.


Before taking your jewelry to the pawn shop, take some time to clean it. The better it looks, the more value it’ll bring. However, even if your jewelry is broken, many pawn shops will purchase broken jewelry to be repurposed into new pieces.


Electronic Devices


In this modern world of technology, electronic devices have become an essential need for all people. You can look around your home and find any older electronics that are not in use and sell it to your local pawn shop for quick money. The most popular electronics your local pawn shop will take include TVs, computers, laptops, cell phones, video game systems, and more!




Believe it or not, your local pawn shop will give a good amount of money for your tools, especially if they are power tools. If you have old drills, saws, chain saws, or other quality tools laying around your home, consider taking them to your local pawn shop for some quick cash.


Sporting Equipment


If you no longer play sports or have outgrown your equipment, you should consider bringing it to your local pawn shop in exchange for quick cash. Before you give your old equipment away for free, see if your local pawnbroker will buy it from you. If your equipment is in good condition, you can likely get some serious cash by selling it to the pawn shop.


Sporting equipment is in high demand because most people don’t want to pay the full price for the equipment. Bicycles, golf clubs, hockey gear, baseball gloves and bats, football pads, and surfboards are some equipment you should consider selling to the pawn shop if you’re no longer using them.




Apart from complete jewelry pieces, most pawn shops will also take loose stones, especially diamonds. You can earn reasonable amounts of money by bringing your loose stones to the local pawn shop. The pawnbroker will examine your stones’ size, clarity, color, and cut before making an offer. Just clean your stone and have it in a safe place to make sure you get the best offer.


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