4 Things to Ask Your Plumber Before Hiring Them

No one ever wants to deal with plumbing issues at home, but in some cases, they are bound to happen. Knowing that your hired plumber knows what they are talking about is one of the most important things to make sure of before hiring. Also knowing that your expectations of what the plumber in Norco will be able to do is important so that your expectations are able to meet the reality of what is going on.



Here are the 4 best questions to ask a plumber before hiring them.



  1. Do you have the proper licensing to be a plumber?


In most states across the country, a license is required to do any form of professional plumber. This license is like the stamp of approval that this plumber and their company is certified and able to work in your home reliably. When asking your contractor to produce either the licence or a copy of it, if they are unable to show you, it can prove that that plumber may not be completely reliable. Someone who does plumbing without a license can take advantage of the consumer as well as do a poor job and ruin the plumbing in your home. So make sure that the plumber has the proper licensing.



  1. Will the estimated cost of the project cover all parts of the project?


Some plumbers try to milk every penny they can out of the consumer and don’t list it on the estimated price of the project. It is also important to note that if the contractor gives you an estimate before seeing the plumbing situation, they may not be super reliable. They should give you an estimate after seeing your plumbing and what is happening. If they give you an estimate without seeing anything first, it is important to know that they could raise the price once seeing everything so their price won’t be accurate.



  1. Do you charge hourly or a flat rate for your services?


Knowing what kind of rate and how much they charge can help make or break the hiring process. An hourly rate plumber can sometimes drag out the process and make it so your overall cost can skyrocket a lot easier. Knowing that it is a flat rate can help keep you on budget and not have an overpriced fee for your plumbing needs. Flat rate plumbers are recommended for any kind of job because you know they are there to get the job well and efficiently.



  1. When do you need the full payment by?


Knowing when payments for their services are due can be very important because it can help you with the budgeting process. It also helps you also see if they are reliable, because if they ask for the payment in full before they even start work, it might be better to find someone else who asks for payments in portions as they complete the project or after the project is completely done.



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