Commercial Air Conditioning Services

Tips For Choosing Commercial Air Conditioning Services

If your commercial property needs help with its air conditioning system, you might consider hiring a professional commercial air conditioning services company. These services specialize in the repairs of both split systems and packaged terminal air conditioners. They can handle emergency repairs without disrupting your business operations. Here are some tips for choosing an air conditioning service company:
Refrigerant leaks

Refrigerant leaks in commercial AC systems can be a costly problem. These leaks cause a reduction in energy efficiency and make the coils in your system struggle to release or absorb heat. As a result, energy bills will rise. In addition to the discomfort, these leaks can cause strange noises. If you suspect your air conditioner is experiencing a leak, you should contact a professional for a thorough inspection.
Packaged terminal air conditioners

Packaged terminal air conditioners are self-contained units that heat or cool a small area without the use of ductwork. These systems are primarily used in hotel rooms or other small buildings. They can save energy and reduce costs while providing optimal comfort. AC Appliance Co Listed below are some advantages of packaged terminal air conditioners. These units are ideal for small offices, guest rooms, and other commercial spaces. They are easy to install and require very little maintenance.
Split systems

Commercial air conditioning services use split systems to cool buildings in the summer and warm the interior air in the winter. Split systems have several advantages over package units. One of the major benefits of split systems is that they can be installed in an attic or basement, which reduces the space required for installation. Additionally, a split system is more attractive to consumers and can be quieter than a package unit. However, split systems do have a few drawbacks, such as poor installation and refrigerant problems.
Frozen evaporator coil

If you have a commercial air conditioner, a frozen evaporator coil can seriously impact the effectiveness of the cooling system. It can lead to poor airflow and can even cause the evaporator coil to be damaged. Fortunately, there are simple ways to solve this problem. Here are a few steps you can take to ensure your commercial air conditioner is in tip-top shape.

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6 Things You Should Never Flush Down A Toilet

Toilets may seem like a powerful plumbing fixture, but even the smallest thing that shouldn’t be flushed down it can wreak major havoc if it is! Our toilets are strong fixtures, but this doesn’t mean a toilet should become your second trash can. There are just some things you should never flush down a toilet. Here are a few:

1.  Baby Wipes

That flimsy little baby wipe may seem like it will go down your toilet easily, but this is not the case. Baby wipes are constructed from stronger fibers that aren’t easy to break down like the fibers that make up toilet paper. Flushing a baby wipe down the toilet can actually end up causing a clog. Instead, toss that baby wipe into your trash can. (Psst: Even if a baby wipe says ‘flushable’, it is still not recommended to be flushed down your toilet. This is because these baby wipes still contain fibers that don’t break down in water.)

2.  Menstrual Products

Flushing a menstrual product down the toilet can cause big trouble! This is because products such as tampons, pads, and others are meant to absorb. So when you flush a menstrual product down the toilet, it actually absorbs water and expands. This is a recipe for disaster when it comes to your plumbing!

3.  Dental Floss

Floss is just a thin string, so it should be easy to flush down the toilet with no trouble, right? No! Dental floss can create a net when flushed down a toilet that actually traps debris. Also, dental floss may even end up wrapping itself around your septic system and causing major damage.

4.  Gum

Gum should never make its way down your toilet. This is because gum is sticky and insoluble (meaning it never dissolves). Flushing gum down your toilet can cause a major clog to occur.

5.  Paper Towels

It may seem like paper towels are a safe thing to flush down the toilet, but this is not true. This is because, much like menstrual products, paper towels absorb liquid. This means paper towels do not break down like toilet paper, and can actually clog and backup your toilet.

6.  Cat Litter

Flushing cat litter down the toilet can introduce parasites into the water supply, not to mention, cat litter absorbs water. This means if flushed, cat litter may inevitably clog your toilet. Instead of trying to flush cat litter down the toilet, we recommend bagging it up and tossing it into the trash can.

Flushed Something You Shouldn’t Have?

Though toilet paper is the only thing that should be flushed down your toilet, mistakes happen. If you are dealing with a clogged toilet due to having flushed something that you shouldn’t have, no worries! Call a plumbing professional at John’s Plumbing & Rooter Service in Victorville! Learn more about our professional team here, as well as the services we provide. Keep your toilet happy and enjoy a reliable plumbing fixture for many years to come!


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Benefits Of Working With A Local Auto Shop

Staying local and supporting the businesses in our area has always had many benefits. This is also true when it comes to working with a local auto shop that is in your area. Cars can be pretty fragile and complex, which is why one small problem can become a large issue within a matter of minutes or days! Here are some benefits that come with working with a local auto shop if you are considering staying local for all your vehicle services:


It is no secret that working with a local auto shop can often be more cost-effective than heading down to a car dealer. Oftentimes, a local mechanic may be more flexible in terms of pricing than a dealer, which usually has to be set within a price. Because local auto shops are independently owned, they may be more fair with pricing and also work with you when it comes to cost.

Convenience & Location

One of the best things about working with a local auto shop is the fact that if your car suffers from big issues, there is a local auto shop close to you that you can call. Other dealer auto shops may take a while to squeeze you in for appointments. Local auto shops can usually see your vehicle in a reasonable timeframe, and often provide convenient pick-up and drop-off options if you are bringing your car in for service!

Unmatched Customer Service

Working with a local auto shop in your area means you get the chance to work closely with auto mechanics who will personally service your car for many times to come. You can have the reassurance that these professionals will pay attention to your vehicle and its needs. You may even meet your preferred mechanic, who will be attentive to your car and possibly even recognize it from past jobs! Local auto shops are always composed of professionals who care and are ready to get the job done!

Extra Perks

Another advantage of working with a local auto shop is the chance to complete unique modifications that may not have been available to you in a dealer auto shop. Many local auto shops offer additional modification services for cars, so you can take advantage and get some customization done for your car that will have it looking great and ready to take on the road!

Looking For A Local Auto Shop in Yucaipa?

It is no surprise that staying local is usually better. The same can be said with working with an auto shop local to your area. If you are looking for an auto shop to help with your vehicle maintenance and repair services in Yucaipa, look no further. Import Automotive is the local auto shop you can trust to put in the work for your vehicle and leave it in excellent working condition.

We look forward to working with all local car owners in the area. Learn all about Import Automotive here.

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How to Choose the Best Roofer Near You

Best Roofer Near You

There are many things to consider when choosing the Best Roofer Near You. You don’t necessarily need a formal education to be a great roofer. In fact, many of the best roofers have years of experience on the job. However, obtaining a license does require that they have at least two years of work experience. Your roof is important, as it protects your home from the elements. You should choose a Menifee Roofing contractor who has a proven track record and is well-rated in the area.

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Money-Saving Plumbing Tips

All homeowners are interested in saving a bit of money when it comes to their plumbing! Looking for plumbing tips that can save your budget? Here are a few money-saving plumbing tips that will keep your plumbing in excellent working order, without taking a major hit to your savings account.

Turn Off Your Taps!

Don’t leave your faucets leaking, even if it’s a tiny drip. That tiny drip can turn into gallons of water wasted per day! Not to mention, add a big increase to your water bill. For the sake of your wallet and water conservation, remember to turn off your faucet after every use!

Fix Those Leaks Before It’s Too Late

Maybe you’ve noticed a tiny leak underneath your kitchen sink. Maybe your bathroom faucet has been leaking everyday in small amounts. No matter what size that leak is, it is always best to get it addressed by a plumbing professional as soon as possible. Ignoring even the smallest leak can cost your household thousands of gallons a year, and this will show in your water bill! When you notice a leak forming or already developed, it’s best to act fast and address the leak quickly.

Cut The Long Showers

We’ve all been guilty of taking an extra long time in the shower every once in a while, but this is not a habit you should maintain every time! Long showers means a lot of water being used, and this can cost you big bucks. When in the shower, shorten your hygiene routine (but make sure you take care of everything of course), and watch how much money you can save!

Replace That Water Heater

Older models of water heater tanks can end up costing you a lot of money when it comes to your electric and gas bill. If your water heater is more than 10 years old, it may be time to consider replacing it for a newer model. A tankless water heater heats water as needed, and many homeowners go with this type of water heater due to its efficiency and cost-effectiveness! If you are happy with your current water heater, just remember to flush it out every few months to keep things running smoothly!

Pay Attention To Your Drains

Drains can become a source of plumbing issues for many. Investing in shower drain filters, keeping hair and soap from going down drains, and paying attention to what you pour down drains can keep everything working as it should! If you need drain cleaning, go with a plumbing professional for a job well done that keeps you from dealing with further costly damages!


Working with the right plumbing professional can also keep your plumbing happy, as well as your wallet. Whether you need a plumber in Victorville or a plumber in Whittier, we’ve got you covered. With regular plumbing maintenance and repairs as needed, as well as practicing some mindful habits, you can end up saving more money than you’d ever imagine!

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Is It Time For An Oil Change?

When it comes to figuring out if your car needs an oil change, you may not be sure what signs to look out for. Luckily, there are a few signs your vehicle may show to let you know that it is time for an oil change. If you delay getting an oil change, this may cause your car to work at a slower or less-than-optimal pace. Keep an eye out for these signs:

Your Engine Is Making Noises

When strange noises start coming from your engine, this is never a good sign. Old oil loses some of its lubricating properties, which in turn makes engine parts rub together when they shouldn’t be. Knocking or grinding noises coming from your engine will usually signal a much-needed oil change.

Weird Burning Scent

Smelling something burning in your car can instantly raise alarm in anybody. Oil in the engine has two jobs: to lubricate the engine and keep its temperature regulated. When oil needs to be changed, it can no longer regulate the engine’s temperature and keep it cool, causing the engine to heat up and a burning scent to waft through your vehicle.

Check Your Dashboard Lights

When your car needs an oil change, there may be a specific oil change light in your car’s dashboard that lights up. Also, the maintenance required or check engine light msy light up if there is an oil change needed. Whichever light you spot, it never hurts to take your car to get a maintenance service and oil change!

You’ve Gone On A Long Trip

If you’ve taken your car out on a long road trip, when you come back it is necessary to get an oil change. Any time you use up a lot of miles in your car, an oil change will be needed sooner than you’d think.

Vibrations While Parked

When your engine’s oil needs to be changed, there is even greater friction present in the engine. When your car is idling, you’ll notice vibrations and shaking motions. Noticing this sign is a big indicator that your car is due for an oil change and stat!

Ticking After Starting The Engine

Textured oil that is old and needs replacement can cause a ticking sound in your engine when it begins to circulate. The ticking comes from the engine’s valves working to try to effectively circulate the oil. If you hear a ticking sound when you start your car, it’s time for an oil change!

Need Yucaipa Auto Repair Services?

When your engine needs an oil change, you will definitely feel it! Leaving old oil without changing it for too long can cause your car to start to slow, vibrate, and give off strange noises. Getting an oil change as soon as you notice any sign is crucial! For a Yucaipa auto repair shop for oil changes and other maintenance needs, call Import Automotive. After an oil change, your car will be ready for the road!

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The Most Common Household Plumbing Issues

ur plumbing can be especially fragile in some circumstances. What starts off as a small problem can quickly grow to become a bigger issue. When a plumbing issue strikes your home, it’s best not to become seriously overwhelmed. There are many common household plumbing issues that can be resolved by the aid of a professional plumber. Plumbing issues aren’t necessarily the end of the world, but they should be resolved as soon as possible to prevent any costlier problems or damages from occurring.

Some of the most common plumbing issues afflicting many households today include:

Dripping Faucets

It’s not unusual for your home to suddenly suffer from a dripping faucet or two (or three). Corrosion, a worn out o-ring, or something else may be the cause for that dripping faucet. A dripping faucet is a common plumbing problem that affects many homes daily, so get an expert opinion for a long-lasting solution.

Slow/Clogged Drains

No home is safe from a clogged or slow drain. Many drains may end up being clogged or slowed down due to accumulation of hair, grease, waste, and other things. Multiple clogged drains can even signal an outside problem from your home, such as an issue with your sewer line. Whatever the problem may be, get the help of a reliable plumbing company fast!

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure can instantly interfere with your day-to-day household activities. When your water pressure is weak, it can be hard to use the toilet, shower, and sink! Oftentimes, low water pressure can be an indicator of a bigger plumbing issue going on in your home. Some causes of low water pressure include pipe corrosion or deterioration, clogs in your drains or sewer line, and leaks.

Water Heater Troubles

Because hot water is a necessity for all homes, when something is up with your water heater, you’ll want to get it fixed- and fast! Common problems with water heaters can include lack of hot water, erratic shifts in your water temperature, and more. Problems in your water may arise due to corrosion or sediment buildup in the water heater, wrong size or type of water heater for your home, and even improper water heater installation.

Sewer System Problem

When your sewer system is not working, you may be dealing with sewage backups, clogged drains, and more. Some of the common culprits behind a problem with your sewer system include clogs, tree root intrusions, and pipe damages or misalignment.

Don’t Deal With These Plumbing Problems On Your Own!

Whether it’s leaks, clogged drains, water heater troubles, and any other plumbing mishap, you don’t have to deal with it alone. Call a professional plumbing company to help with these common household plumbing issues. Looking for a plumber in La Canada Flintridge or a plumber in Los Angeles? Performance Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning has got you covered! Once you get an expert plumber dealing with unwanted issues, you will find yourself getting back to your routine with complete peace of mind!

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Is There a Time Limit to File Personal Injury Claims?

      When filing a personal injury claim, there are a lot of steps to take in the legal process. There is also the question of time. How long has it been since your incident occurred? You may wonder, is there a time limit to file personal injury claims for compensation? It’s important to take note of how long it has been since your personal injury accident, as this can determine a variety of factors for claims.


Is There a Statute of Limitations in California?

When it comes to personal injury claims, there is a deadline to file. Plaintiffs, aka victims of personal injury incidents, have two years since the date of injury to file a personal injury lawsuit. Before two years are up you can take legal action against a liable party if they were the instigator of an incident or showed neglect directly connected to the development of your injury.


There are special exceptions to this statute of limitations, for example, if you are filing a medical malpractice claim. Victims of medical malpractice have a time window of one year to rightfully file their claim. Another branch of medical malpractice is wrongful birth, or when the medical provider fails to diagnose a condition for a fetus. This time window is open for up to six years. If you are a victim of surgical errors, such as having a surgical instrument left inside your body, you can file a lawsuit even if you discover the instrument years later. After discovering the surgical error, however, you do still have only one year to file a claim.


What Happens After the Statute of Limitations is Done?

If dealing with personal injury cases such as car accidents and other incidents past the statute of limitations, it is fairly probably the court will refuse to hear your case and you will lose out on the potential compensation you could have had if filing your personal injury claim earlier. This is why it is very important to get medical attention as soon as the incident occurs, and also sit down with a trustworthy personal injury attorney to discuss your claim, the incident, and your legal options within a reasonable time frame.


Personal injury claims are happening every day. There is really no necessary need to delay filing a claim and speaking to a professional legal attorney. There is a time limit to filing personal injury claims, so it is important to keep timeframes in mind and get started on your claim as soon as possible. By delaying your personal injury claim, you are risking the loss of possible compensation that could help cover medical expenses and loss of wages if unable to work because of injury.


When it comes to personal injury claims, the sooner you get started on your claim, the better. Sit down with a professional legal attorney to discuss progressing your claim forward and getting potential financial compensation. For a skilled personal injury attorney in Claremont, turn to Lerner, Moore, Silva, Cunningham & Rubel.


















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Choosing Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Party Decor

When it comes to hosting a baby shower, many families are looking to go for gender-neutral decor or themes. There is a popularity in not finding out the gender of the baby until birth, which means many baby showers want to go for gender-neutral decor while anxiously waiting to meet the newest family member. If you’re planning a baby shower for a family member or friend and want to learn about implementing the right hues to your party, here are a few easy and creative tips to follow.


Go Neutral with Neutrals!

Why not go with neutral hues for your baby shower decor? Brown, tans, and creams can be the perfect solution for a baby shower where the gender of the baby is unknown. You could do balloon garlands and banners with these shades for that perfect neutral look that’s both timeless but also a bit innovative when it comes to a baby shower.


Go Rustic!

Ditch the idea of colors as a theme and go for more rustic details. Wood accents, greenery, and soft cream hues are the inspiration for a rustic baby shower. Incorporate items such as mason jars, succulents, leaves and soft florals, and wood slices, along with a few woodland animals decor and cutouts to keep the theme of this baby shower in a balanced and gender-neutral place!


All White!

Go for an all-white decor to keep things bright and completely gender-neutral. White decor is easy to come by or DIY yourself. Whether using balloons, linens, florals,stuffed animals, and even making your own clouds or garlands, white is such a classic and timeless color that is perfect for welcoming a new baby.


Go to the Jungle!

Jungle animal decor is a great option to keep a baby shower celebration completely gender-neutral. Decorate with animal decals, stuffed plushes, inflatables, faux palm leafs, etc. Most colors around this theme are green, cream, and tan anyway, which are perfect colors for a gender-neutral baby shower.

Bumble Bee Baby!

A bumble bee themed baby shower is perfect for when the baby’s gender is under wraps. With black and yellow as the main colors, you are able to incorporate so many cute details into your celebration’s decor, such as ribbons, inflatable bees, hanging garlands, streamers, and so on. A bumblee bee baby shower will be a beautiful memory to look back on after the baby is born!


Welcoming a new baby into the world calls for a massive celebration! If you are looking for ways to keep a baby shower completely gender-neutral when the gender is a mystery for the mom-to-be, the above mentioned themes are some of the most popular choices to ensure a beautifully decorated baby shower that keeps gender completely out of focus. If you are hosting an outdoor baby shower and are looking for tent rentals in Long Beach, Town & Country Rentals is the place to turn to! With the baby shower theme all picked out, you can now celebrate the baby and mom-to-be in style!


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Quick Sink Clog Fixes

An unexpected sink clog can turn into an immediate disaster in your household. Since a sink is such a useful fixture, it would only make sense you want to address issues and get your sink back to proper working order as soon as possible. Did you know there are various quick DIY sink clog fixes so you can help your sink out in a pinch? Most of them involve products you already have at home. These tips help to fix minor clogs, though it’s important to note, sometimes you may just need a professional’s help. If you believe you are experiencing a minor clog and want a quick solution to see if you can remove the blockage yourself, here’s a few trusty tips:


  • Boiling water: When hair, soap residue, and other debris gets stuck in your sink, one simple solution is to attack the problem with a quick half gallon of boiling water. Pour the boiled water slowly into your sink drain. Note: If your drain is attached to PVC pipes, don’t try this method as you may end up with melted or damaged plastic. Use any of the following tips instead!


  • Water & vinegar: If you want something even more thorough after the boiling water hack, try this. After pouring boiling water down your drain, follow up with a mixture of one cup of water and one cup of vinegar. Then cover the drain with a plug and wait 5-10 minutes. After this allotted time, pour more boiling water into the drain.


  • Baking soda & vinegar: Pour boiling water down the sink’s drain (unless you have PVC pipes then skip this step). Then pour a cup of baking soda and let sit for a few minutes. Use a wooden spoon or spatula to push the baking soda down if needed. After a few minutes, pour in a cup of white distilled vinegar. This may sound and look like a science experiment, as the baking soda and vinegar will then create a fizzy reaction to help loosen the clog. Plug the sink for about fifteen minutes, and if you don’t have PVC pipes, pour another bit of boiling water to flush out any clog particles left over.


  • Try a plunger: Use a flat-bottomed plunger to see if you can plunge the blockage out. Fill the sink with hot water until it’s about halfway full and pump the plunger multiple times over the drain. Keep pumping until water drains freely (hopefully).


A clogged sink can throw a wrench into your day. There are a few quick fixes that can help alleviate this blockage like the ones mentioned above. If you have severe or persistent clogs that you just can’t DIY away, then it’s time to get a plumber involved for more thorough examination of the drains and long-lasting solutions. Looking for a reliable plumber in San Dimas? The Original Plumbing Company is the place for you! Kick sink clogs to the curb, and get back to what really matters in your everyday life.


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