Top Drain Cleaning Tips You Need to Know

Are you worried about dirty drains and wondering whether it’s time to clean your plumbing system? If you’re not a plumber, it may sound like an unsettling task to clean your drains. Many pipes run through your system, and all of the water and garbage you flush down accumulates over time. Unfortunately, your plumbing drains can’t clean themselves. Routine cleaning is incredibly beneficial whether your drains begin to make unusual noises or start to smell bad. Here are some drain cleaning tips you need to know as a homeowner.


Residential Drain Cleaning Tips


The following tips can help you keep your plumbing in top shape.


Clean the Drain Lines Regularly


If you want to keep your drains in top shape, you should invest in a routine drain cleaning service. Still, there are several ways you can clean your drains yourself. Enzyme cleaners are one approach to keep your drains clean. Many different types of drain and enzyme cleaners are available on the market. However, you should stay away from drain cleaners with harsh chemicals. They often do more damage than good.


Use Natural Drain Cleaning Techniques


One of the best ways to clean your drains and protect your plumbing system is to create a natural drain cleaner. Mixing vinegar with baking soda is a classic cleaning solution that many people use to clean their drains safely. The bubbles and the foamy reaction caused by the baking soda help remove grease, dirt, and debris that can build up and eventually cause your system to clog.


Flush Your Lines


If your drains are not clogged, you can flush your lines with water to keep them clear. This is a good strategy if you have plumbing fixtures that you don’t use often. A small amount of soap poured into the lines can help you attain an even better clean.


Regular Preventative Cleaning


Hiring a routine cleaning service is generally a great idea. Since you can’t get in and scrub your sewer lines, it’s good to hire a professional with the tools to do the job. As grease, dirt, food particles, and other debris builds up, it can quickly become coagulated and stick to your pipes. The more you flush down your drains, the bigger the clog gets. Even if you don’t have a clogged drain, hiring a routine cleaning service can help you avoid a more significant issue that requires costly repairs.


While some plumbers don’t have specialized equipment for cleaning your drains, many plumbers offer professional drain cleaning services. Contact your local plumbing company to see if they provide these services and hire someone you trust to handle the job.


Watch What You Flush


One of the best ways to keep your drains working well is to prevent clogs. Aside from hiring a routine service, you can be careful with what you flush. Aside from human waste, water, and toilet paper, your plumbing system isn’t built to be used as a garbage can. Avoid flushing anything you shouldn’t, such as baby wipes, food, feminine hygiene products, grease, oil, and anything else that can cause your system to clog.


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