Signs It’s Time To Align Your Wheels

Signs It’s Time To Align Your Wheels

Wheel alignment can be absolutely vital for your car, in order for it to maintain a smooth ride and allow you and your passengers to enjoy the journey ahead. Going to a professional auto shop can guarantee your vehicle’s wheel alignment without further issue. Unsure of when exactly you should get this service? Furthermore, are you unsure of why you may need a wheel alignment in the first place? We will break this important service down for you below. Also, here are some very telling signs that show your car needs a wheel alignment service, and fast!

What Is Wheel Alignment?

To understand the gravity of this service, let’s explore what wheel alignment actually is. Wheel alignment, also known as tire alignment, is when the angles of your wheels to each other and to the road are reoptimized. A wheel alignment is often needed because debris, rocks, cracks, and bumps can cause your tire angles to change over time.

Car Pulls From Side To Side

One of the most obvious signs that it is time to align your wheels is when your car pulls forcefully to a particular side when driving. If you are constantly having to steer your vehicle straight, it is time for a wheel alignment and pronto.

Crooked Steering Wheel

Sure, your steering wheel can be crooked for a number of reasons, but if you find your steering wheel growing crooked as you drive straight, this is a telling sign that it is time for a wheel alignment service. A crooked steering wheel can make the drive uncomfortable and even difficult.

Uneven Tire Wear

A common signal that it is time for a wheel alignment is when your vehicle’s tires are wearing down easily or unevenly. Getting your tires rotated may help an auto technician diagnose this issue as well.

How Often Should I Get A Wheel Alignment?

Curious to know how often you should get a wheel alignment service? It is recommended vehicle owners get their wheels aligned every 2 to 3 years. However, depending on the state of your tires and even the conditions of where you live or how you drive, wheel alignment may be recommended every time you go get an oil change, which is usually about once a year.

Yucaipa Auto Shop For Wheel Alignment

You should not skip out on getting a wheel alignment service, as this can further impact your car’s ride! Wheel alignment services ensure your tires are not wearing themselves down too early or unevenly, and it also makes sure you are not facing a crooked or loose steering wheel. Make sure to book your appointment for professional wheel alignment services with an auto shop you can depend on.

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