Is It Time For An Oil Change?

When it comes to figuring out if your car needs an oil change, you may not be sure what signs to look out for. Luckily, there are a few signs your vehicle may show to let you know that it is time for an oil change. If you delay getting an oil change, this may cause your car to work at a slower or less-than-optimal pace. Keep an eye out for these signs:

Your Engine Is Making Noises

When strange noises start coming from your engine, this is never a good sign. Old oil loses some of its lubricating properties, which in turn makes engine parts rub together when they shouldn’t be. Knocking or grinding noises coming from your engine will usually signal a much-needed oil change.

Weird Burning Scent

Smelling something burning in your car can instantly raise alarm in anybody. Oil in the engine has two jobs: to lubricate the engine and keep its temperature regulated. When oil needs to be changed, it can no longer regulate the engine’s temperature and keep it cool, causing the engine to heat up and a burning scent to waft through your vehicle.

Check Your Dashboard Lights

When your car needs an oil change, there may be a specific oil change light in your car’s dashboard that lights up. Also, the maintenance required or check engine light msy light up if there is an oil change needed. Whichever light you spot, it never hurts to take your car to get a maintenance service and oil change!

You’ve Gone On A Long Trip

If you’ve taken your car out on a long road trip, when you come back it is necessary to get an oil change. Any time you use up a lot of miles in your car, an oil change will be needed sooner than you’d think.

Vibrations While Parked

When your engine’s oil needs to be changed, there is even greater friction present in the engine. When your car is idling, you’ll notice vibrations and shaking motions. Noticing this sign is a big indicator that your car is due for an oil change and stat!

Ticking After Starting The Engine

Textured oil that is old and needs replacement can cause a ticking sound in your engine when it begins to circulate. The ticking comes from the engine’s valves working to try to effectively circulate the oil. If you hear a ticking sound when you start your car, it’s time for an oil change!

Need Yucaipa Auto Repair Services?

When your engine needs an oil change, you will definitely feel it! Leaving old oil without changing it for too long can cause your car to start to slow, vibrate, and give off strange noises. Getting an oil change as soon as you notice any sign is crucial! For a Yucaipa auto repair shop for oil changes and other maintenance needs, call Import Automotive. After an oil change, your car will be ready for the road!

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