How to Decorate a Mirrored Wall

Mirrored walls can easily be added to any room. They create a sense of openness and brighten up dark rooms. They also come in many beautiful designs. While some people think that mirrored walls are outdated, they’ve made a significant comeback in the past several years. Deciding how to decorate a mirrored wall can be overwhelming. Still, with a few practical tips, you can get the perfect look for your space.


How to Decorate a Mirrored Wall


With a decorated mirrored wall, your house will look more modern and elegant. There are various ways you can decorate a mirrored wall, and here are some options:


Decorate As Usual


People usually don’t place furniture or other items in front of a mirrored wall because they think it does not look good. However, this is the case. Leaving your area in front of your mirrored wall clear can create a cold and empty look.


Decorate as you typically would with a regular wall by placing furniture and decorations in front of it. Placing items close to it creates an eye-catching effect. You can easily set a table with a vase on it or a lamp in front of the mirror. You can also use ceiling hooks to hang plants at the corners of your wall. Artificial candles, artworks, etc., can also be placed in front of it.


What About Frames?


You can hang frames on the mirrored walls using a wall adhesive. You can add paint or color to the wall before placing the frame. Moreover, you can make a pattern of different shaped frames. You can also hang frames from the ceiling. Lighter frames can be hung using adhesive, while heavier frames should be hung with nails.


Curtains Change the Look


If you want to hide your mirrored wall, you can simply place curtains over it. This also adds texture and style to your room. It is not necessary to put curtains on the whole wall. Instead, place them where you want to cover the mirror.


Write It Out


You can also write on your mirrors or make designs to add style to your space. You can write quotes or make doodles. A mirrored wall is like a whiteboard. In certain areas, you can also write your lists on it or turn your mirrors into art. You can use erasable markers or removable paints too.


Change It Up


If you have a mirrored wall and cannot decide what to do with it, you can add various decorations following the abovementioned steps. A mirrored wall gives your room a very stylish look, provided that it is decorated accordingly. Usually, people eventually decide to break the wall down because they want to change the look or don’t know what to do with it. With the right tips, you can keep your mirrored wall looking tremendous and get various styles that keep your space vibrant and new!


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