Extension Cord Safety 101

Extension cords are a modern convenience that help resolve most power supply issues. Do you need to plug something in but can’t reach a plug? No problem! Extension cords are the solution you need to stay connected.


While they undoubtedly make our lives easier by extending the reach of almost any electrical device or appliance, they can also be a threat to our safety. When we are not careful using extension cords, they can overheat and even cause electrical fires. Believe it or not, a large percentage of electrical fires are attributed to extension cords. That’s why it’s always best to be on top of your safety tips when it comes to your residential property.


Let’s discuss some effective safety tips you should know when dealing with extension cords.


Extension Cord Safety 101


The following safety tips can help you take advantage of all the benefits of extension cords without worrying about potential issues:


  • Extension cords aren’t as simple as many of us think. While it might sound like a great solution to plug a bunch of cords into each other and call it a day, you need to be careful. Read the warnings and hazards carefully before connecting one cord to another. Be sure they are built to handle that kind of voltage. You don’t want to risk damaging your appliance or device because of this error.
  • Don’t treat all extension cords the same. Just as they all come with different lengths, they also have a different capacity to distribute power. Carefully read the wattage information of your extension cord before using.
  • Similarly, don’t treat outdoor and indoor extensions the same. They are designed differently to handle different factors. Outdoor extension cords have thicker rubber wires and indoor extension cords have a lower power capacity.
  • Look for verification tags on the extension cords before buying them. This will ensure they are safe for use. Buy only those cords that have been tested, approved, and stamped for safety.
  • Don’t keep your extension cords lying around and in places where they can potentially be damaged. This can lead to exposed wires or broken plugs that can cause an electric shock whenever you try to use the cord.
  • Thoroughly check any extension cords before plugging them in. There is always the risk of deteriorating wiring or loose sockets.
  • Do not cover your extension cords or hide them under anything to keep them safe or remove tripping hazards. This can cause the heat to be trapped inside and eventually lead to a fire. Do your best not to run multiple cords through different rooms of your house. Carefully plot out how you will use your cord and where it will be plugged in.
  • Keep the extension cords away from any liquids, fires, or extreme weather conditions.
  • Don’t force plugs that are not designed to fit into your extension cord. Doing so can spark a shock or even damage your appliance or device.
  • Unplug any devices from your extension cord that are not currently in use. Too many wires will not only get tangled but also add wear and tear to your cords. This can result in premature damage to both your cord and whatever you have plugged into it!


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