Everything You Need to Know About Changing Your Address

If you have finally finished unloading your last box and are ready to drop down on the couch with your fresh pizza for a Netflix binge-watching session, don’t be so quick! Of course, you’re excited about moving and with all the activity going on, you’re probably exhausted as well. However, most people forget to handle some vital tasks during the stress of relocating. One of the most common things people forget to do is change their address.


While an address change might seem like a minor detail to work on, it’s incredibly important. And there’s a lot more to changing your address than you might think. Let’s discuss!


Why Do You Need to Change Your Address After a Move?


You might forget to change your address during the chaos of moving, but it is important to remember that your address change needs to be handled on all your important documents. If you fail to change your address after the move, you can face multiple issues including identity theft, insurance cancellation, and service lapses. You also will not be able to receive important mail or letters from loved ones if you haven’t changed your address.


What Documents Are Required for an Address Change?


If you have moved to a new place and want to have an address change, certain documents are required. If you have the right documents with you, your address change will go smoothly and quickly. For an address change, you will have to provide your new postal address, account numbers for quick and easy identification, phone number for receiving a confirmation code or call, and a credit card number if you will be using the card to make payments.


When Is It a Good Time to Change Your Address?


Instead of waiting until after your move, you can inform the relevant agencies a week or two before the moving date. You can book the address change beforehand and provide the agencies with the relevant material required for it. Once you have successfully moved to the new place, you can update the agencies about your whereabouts, so they can start working on the address change process. Most address changes can now be easily performed online. Some even allow you to schedule your move in advance by setting an effective date.


Checklist for Your Change of Address


This change of address checklist is helpful for those stressed during moving because it includes different places and people you will have to notify about the change. The essential checklist includes:


  • Postal Services
  • Licensing Agency
  • Social Security Number
  • Banks and Investment Services
  • Loan Issuers
  • Credit Card Companies
  • Accountants
  • IRS
  • DMV


Furthermore, you will also have to notify your utility companies about the change, including gas, electricity, water, and internet services. Other than that, streaming services, hospitals, religious institutions, doctors, and your lawyers should also have to be informed.


What to Do If You are Moving Temporarily?


For a temporary move or address change, you can write an application to the relevant authorities and explain your situation to them. Usually, a temporary address change is up to six months, but if your plans change in the future, you can easily get an extension. If you don’t request an extension, your address will be changed back to your former permanent address automatically.


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