Choosing Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Party Decor

When it comes to hosting a baby shower, many families are looking to go for gender-neutral decor or themes. There is a popularity in not finding out the gender of the baby until birth, which means many baby showers want to go for gender-neutral decor while anxiously waiting to meet the newest family member. If you’re planning a baby shower for a family member or friend and want to learn about implementing the right hues to your party, here are a few easy and creative tips to follow.


Go Neutral with Neutrals!

Why not go with neutral hues for your baby shower decor? Brown, tans, and creams can be the perfect solution for a baby shower where the gender of the baby is unknown. You could do balloon garlands and banners with these shades for that perfect neutral look that’s both timeless but also a bit innovative when it comes to a baby shower.


Go Rustic!

Ditch the idea of colors as a theme and go for more rustic details. Wood accents, greenery, and soft cream hues are the inspiration for a rustic baby shower. Incorporate items such as mason jars, succulents, leaves and soft florals, and wood slices, along with a few woodland animals decor and cutouts to keep the theme of this baby shower in a balanced and gender-neutral place!


All White!

Go for an all-white decor to keep things bright and completely gender-neutral. White decor is easy to come by or DIY yourself. Whether using balloons, linens, florals,stuffed animals, and even making your own clouds or garlands, white is such a classic and timeless color that is perfect for welcoming a new baby.


Go to the Jungle!

Jungle animal decor is a great option to keep a baby shower celebration completely gender-neutral. Decorate with animal decals, stuffed plushes, inflatables, faux palm leafs, etc. Most colors around this theme are green, cream, and tan anyway, which are perfect colors for a gender-neutral baby shower.

Bumble Bee Baby!

A bumble bee themed baby shower is perfect for when the baby’s gender is under wraps. With black and yellow as the main colors, you are able to incorporate so many cute details into your celebration’s decor, such as ribbons, inflatable bees, hanging garlands, streamers, and so on. A bumblee bee baby shower will be a beautiful memory to look back on after the baby is born!


Welcoming a new baby into the world calls for a massive celebration! If you are looking for ways to keep a baby shower completely gender-neutral when the gender is a mystery for the mom-to-be, the above mentioned themes are some of the most popular choices to ensure a beautifully decorated baby shower that keeps gender completely out of focus. If you are hosting an outdoor baby shower and are looking for tent rentals in Long Beach, Town & Country Rentals is the place to turn to! With the baby shower theme all picked out, you can now celebrate the baby and mom-to-be in style!


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