22 Interesting Facts About Our Eyes

The human eye is one of the more complex and beautiful parts/organs of the body. It has so much going on as well as developing differently than the rest of the population. Everyone’s eyes, like fingerprints, are different and unique in their own special way. Knowing more about our eyes can also help us understand what our eyes and eyesight does over time. We rely on these small things in our head, but never really think about the complexity as well as importance to everything we do as humans.

Here are 22 interesting facts about our eyes that everyone should know.

  • Our eyebrows are used to help keep the sweat from our foreheads out of our eyes.
  • The space between our eyebrows and above our nose is called the Glabella.
  • It is physically impossible to sneeze while your eyes are open.
  • The most common injury caused by cosmetics is someone poking their eye with a mascara wand.
  • It is a natural reflex for our eyes to close when our brain thinks we are ever in any sort of danger.
  • In humans, about half the brain is dedicated to sight.
  • We naturally blink less while reading or looking at an electronic device, which results in our eyes getting tired.
  • It is a common idea that reading in dim or dark lighting can damage your eyes, but that is actually a myth and reading in a dark setting does no harm to your eyesight.
  • When humans have eye surgery to replace the cornea, a shark cornea takes the place of the human cornea.
  • The corena of our eye is the only tissue that is a part of the human body that does not contain any form of blood vessel.
  • The name for the fear of eyes is ommatophobia.
  • The muscles in our eyes are almost 100 times stronger than they need to be in order to perform all of their functions.
  • The eyes are the 2nd most complex organ in the body, behind the brain.
  • With our eyes completely open, only about one sixth of the entire eyeball is exposed.
  • Our eyes are able to process over 36,000 pieces of information in a whole hour.
  • The human eye only technically sees the colors red, blue, and green. All the other colors we see are some sort of combination of those three colors.
  • The human eye is able to differentiate between over 500 different shades of grey.
  • Smoking on a regular basis can reduce your night vision.
  • Our eyes are made up of over 2 million different working parts.
  • Each eyeball weighs about 28 grams on average.
  • Each person has a dominant eye, light how we have a dominant hand. That eye processes and sees better than the other.
  • The main function of tears is to help clean our eyes, and scientists are unable to figure out why we release tears when we are sad or upset.

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