10 Ways to Keep Heating Bills Down this Winter

While it might be evident that your heating bills go up in the colder months, most people don’t realize that your heat accounts for a 20% increase in your energy bills in winter. Keeping yourself warm and cozy during the winters can sometimes be expensive. But you take some steps to keep your heating bills low. Let’s discuss!


10 Tips to Reduce Your Winter Heating Bills


You can keep your heating bills down by following these ten tips:


1.   Upgrade Your Heating System


With so many new systems on the market, is your heating system energy efficient? Upgrading your heating system can significantly reduce your energy bills if you choose an energy-efficient option.


2.   Add an Energy-Efficient Space Heater


You can also add energy-efficient space heaters to heat smaller rooms. Use the heaters only in the places where needed. Keep the thermostat of your heater at a comfortable temperature. Remember, for every degree you increase your thermostat, you add 10% to your heating bills. There is no need to heat the entire house while you are using only one or two rooms. Space heaters are a great option to save on your overall heating costs.


3.   Conserve on Water


Heating your residential water supply can be the most energy-consuming cost of your household. Maintain the water temperature on your washing machine or dishwasher and wait to run these machines until they are full. Take short showers and switch to water-efficient showerheads. You can also invest in an air source heat pump to save you up to 80% on water heating bills. This is because they re-use the heat around them to be more energy-efficient.


4.   Consider the Size


If your house is not too big, there is no need to get a large heating system. This will only consume more energy and overheat your home. Get yourself energy-efficient heating systems according to the size of your house.


5.   Be Conservative with Your Heat


One of the best ways to keep your bills down is to be conservative with your heat. Lower your heat before you leave your house, and use space heaters to reduce usage. Keep your heat down a few degrees and layer up with warm clothes.


6.   Invest in Energy-Efficient Windows


Loose window seals and older windows can let out all the heat. Investing in double-paned smart windows that retain the heat and keep the cold out of your home can save a significant amount of energy and costs over time. If there are any cracks in the windows, you should also get them sealed right away.


7.   Use Natural Heat


Take in as much sun in the morning and afternoon as possible. Open your curtains to let natural heat and light into your house. Close your curtains at night to keep the heat in.


8.   Turn Your Fan on Auto

Some fans come with an option to switch into heating, cooling, or auto mode. You can typically find this switch on your thermostat. Auto tells your system when to switch on and which way to turn the blades to get the best results.

9.   Seal All Holes and Vents


Any defects or flaws in your ventilation will let your heat escape and require your system to work harder. Fill any cracks in the wall with gap fillers. Make sure the doors and windows are also adequately sealed using weather strips.


10.                 Clean Your Vents


Make sure all heating vents are free of obstacles and clean your ducts regularly to ensure efficiency and keep your system working as effectively as possible.


Contact a Local Heating Company for Your Maintenance and Repairs


If you want to save money on your heating bills and increase your system’s energy, contact a reliable Los Angeles heater repair company to discuss your options.

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